Black and White and Breaking Rules

whitepants_1aI don’t often think about fashion rules, or much less about breaking them. I think, subconsciously, I follow style rules that I’ve learned growing up, but I don’t think about them consciously. The no-white-after-labor-day thing has always seamed strange to me because it’s such a random and unimaginative rule. But I never really questioned it, and I never felt the urge to wear white jeans in the fall or winter.





So I absolutely fell head over heels for the “winter-whites” trend that came out a few years ago now. And I think I’m not the only one. You see everyone now wearing white jeans and white sweaters into winter and no one questions it.  The speed with which this trend was adopted by everyone speaks to how silly some fashion rules are. But it’s also shows how people don’t really question rules and tend not to break them until a trail-blazing, rule-breaker comes along.

So I now happily wear my white jeans and white sneakers and white-ish sweaters well into winter. And I love contrasting the white with a long black coat. It grounds the outfit and gives it balance.





Get the Black and White and Fashion Rules Look:

White jeans and here and these; White Converse high tops or these low tops if you prefer; Burberry black coat (similar)



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