Try a Classic White Shirt

Style blogger classic white shirtI adore a good, classic, white shirt. I have a thing for button up shirts to begin with, but white ones top my list. I love the crispness and simplicity. I could probably fill my closet with white shirts and black pants and be completely happy and satisfied. There is something so appealing about that. I would never have to worry about what to wear to work again.

How to style a white button up shirt like a blogger

How to dress for work like a blogger in a classic white button up shirt

And while white shirts and black pants are classic and simple, there is nothing boring about them. It’s all about the cut and the fit. For example, I love these pants. First of all they have an elastic top, but that’s besides the point. I love that they are baggy and cropped. They go equally well with flats and with heels. I’ve completed the look with what I call my Egyptian necklace. It totally reminds me of a Cleopatra necklace. It’s so big and on first look it’s not something I would pick to wear. But wearing it under button up shirts, with only a little bit of it peaking out, adds drama to the clean and minimal outfit.

Street style blogger white shirt and black pants for work

How to style a white shirt like a blogger

Fashion blogger street style cropped black pants wear to work

Mommy style blogger white shirt and black pants

How to wear a classic button up white shirt



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