Mixed Media

mixed mediaPlay up your minimalist wardrobe by layering textures and mixing patterns. Texture adds interest without having to add more pieces to your outfit. I love how the stripes and salt-and-pepper texture of the coat work together in an unexpected way. I’m a big fan of stripes and find them super versatile, and a perfect fit for the blacks, whites and greys in my minimalist closet. So coming up with new ways to wear stripes is always exciting to me.

Can we also talk about transitional shoes? It’s so hard to find shoes for transitional weather. There is definitely a lack of footwear out there that sits between boots and sandals, and works in the rain. Until I found the shoes I’m wearing in this post, I had a very difficult time dressing for rainy days. I either wore flats, which didn’t do much for me in the rain, or boots, which kind of got old after months of wearing boots during the winter anyways. So I’m happy to finally have found casual heels to wear with jeans.

coat and boyfriend jeans

herringbone coat

layering textures

transitional weather style

heels and boyfriend jeans

coat and jeans

striped shirt

boyfriend jeans

And for a relaxed weekend look, you can swap out your heels for white high tops.

coat boyfriend jeans and white sneakers

boyfriend jeans converse sneakers

Get the mixed and layered textures look:

Herringbone coat (similar), striped shirt (similar), JOE’S JEANS (old) boyfriend jeans (similar), CONVERSE high top sneakers

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