Minimal is Chic is a working mother’s minimalist style & lifestyle blog.

I love minimalist style, Scandinavian interior design, and my closet consists of black, grey and white. I adore reading capsule wardrobe blogs and hope to eventually be able to pare down my clothes to resemble a capsule collection.

My journey to a minimalist style

Over the past few years, and certainly after having my daughter, I have started paying more attention to what I buy. Like many working mothers, I find myself with a lot less disposable time, and a lot less time to devote to myself. I’ve always loved fashion and I used to buy disposable fashion and the latest trends.  I still follow fashion, but as a working mother I can’t spend as much time shopping for the latest looks. So along the way I changed my mentality.

Now I shop for quality over quantity. I buy fewer, better things. Instead of buying 5 cheap ones, I will buy one quality piece. For me quality is wool, cotton, linen and leather. I think about each piece before I buy it (since it’s now an investment rather than a disposable piece) and think about how it would fit in my closet. By now I have a good base of basics, so I look for pieces that would no only work with what I have, but would also freshen up my look and keep me on-trend. I go for a neutral palette, which helps pieces work together, but I don’t necessarily go for “classic” fits. I want still to look current and modern, and I think you achieve that through proportions and cut. So if I buy new pants, they would be in a trending cut, and if I buy a new shirt or a sweater, it would be cut to the latest proportions.

Most of the clothes you see on my blog are several years old. Fashion moves fast, but not that fast. Trends take several years to cycle though. So if you buy trend-right black pants today, they’ll probably still be in style a few seasons from now. And you’ll look just as current.

A minimalist style, and having fewer, better pieces, also helps with time management when you are a working mother. A large closet is difficult to manage and requires a lot of upkeep. Having a capsule closet, and fewer pieces to choose from, also helps with getting dressed for work in the morning because it takes away that paralyzing feeling of having too many choices. By paring down your closet, you can even develop a work uniform (and a lot of successful people do wear a work uniform).

I hope you enjoy my blog and remember: Less is more, and minimal is chic.

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