Embroidery Plus Tassels

how to wear folk embroidery dressWhen it comes to style, or most things, I’m a minimalist. I like clean and simple.  But this summer, I’ve completely fallen in love with folk embroidery and my new folk embroidery dress.

folk embroidered dress

best folk embroidery dress

Honestly, I think I’m most drawn to the tassels that usually accompany these folk embroidery dresses and tops. Notice the tassels on my sandals? And I’m pining over a this tassel bag.

The other reason I was so drawn to this dress is that it’s cotton. I knew I wanted an embroidered dress for summer, but I had a hard time finding the right one. The ones I liked, that were cotton and that were not extra short (because, let’s face it, like most of you, when I shop I can’t get away from the constant refrain that plays in my head “can you wear this to work?”), were very expensive. And the other ones that were not expensive were not cotton, but rayon. And I’ve sworn away from rayon. Yes, rayon dresses and tops are cute and cheap, but I stay way from them like the plague, because who wants to dry clean a $15 piece. Rayon pieces are such a bad investment because there is no way to launder them at home. So if you don’t want to dry clean them, they really become disposable pieces (end of rent). So, yes, this dress is cotton and although the instructions did not advise it, I’ve already laundered it at home (!).

This is one of my favorite dresses for summer. And I love the embroidery. It’s so intricate. It looks like an heirloom. And I don’t have to accessorize it. The folk embroidery is accessory enough. Give me tassels and embroidery this summer, and I’m in heaven.

Blue embroidered dress

embroidered dress

blue cotton embroidered dress

black lace up sandals

blue folk embroidered cotton dress

blue folk embroidery cotton dress

Get the Folk Embroidery and Tassels Look:

SHOPBOP folk embroidery dress (similar); MADEWELL laceup sandals

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