Holiday Brights

holidaybrights_01The holidays are upon us, and for my holiday outfit this year I’m going for merry and bright. I know a lot of people shop for a new holiday outfit, but this year I decided to forgo shopping (I’ve done a lot of that lately) I pulled this outfit together from my favorite bold and bright pieces. (My only bold and bright pieces?)



Holidays, and parties in general, are a great platform to experiment, to step out of your comfort zone, to try something new for your look. And this is what I’ve done with this look – I’ve paired two of the boldest pieces in my closet. And I think they work perfectly together.

These pink shoes are statement pieces. Every time I wear them, I get a lot of comments (all positive). And I seem to be wearing them a lot lately. They are definitely my favorite. Which makes me wonder why I don’t have more bright shoes in my closet. I obviously enjoy wearing them, but I never really think to buy them. I go for the safe, neutral colors.



Get the Merry and Bright Holiday Outfit Look

Bright pink shoes these and here, and also these; Bold pants here and here and here; Blush bag (lots of choices on the market) love this cross body bag, this one and also this one.


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