Sweater and High Heels

Black_Pants_Heels5Opposites attract. And mixing delicate with chunky is a secret style weapon (like mixing high and low). So mixing high heels and a sweater, like these delicate, strappy heels and a super chunky sweater, always appeals to me. Examples of mixing opposites are everywhere on style blogs – like a biker leather jacket paired with a long, flowing dress, or tall boots and a short summer dress, or a suite jacket and worn-out jeans. But those are not the only styling tricks you can use.



If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ve seen that I love mixing textures, as well. So if you’re ever in a bind for what to wear to work, just think of a way to mix opposites and textures. To make all these opposites and textures work, I usually stick to a neutral color palette. And I make sure to wear cropped pants to show off those great heels.









Get the Sweater and High Heels look:

ZARA leather jacket (similar), ACNE black pants (similar), CHLOE Marcie crossbody bag, CLUB MONACO chunky sweater (similar), high heels (similar):

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